Putting our money where our mouth is, Jasmine Greens Park Kiosk has installed 100 solar panels on our roof.

The 25kWh solar system installed by Roof Juice will generate 32850 kWh of solar power a year and will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 28,580 kilos of CO2 a year.

“Our mission is to be a socially and environmentally sustainable business,” said Jasmine Greens’ owner, Gabby Greyem.

“It’s vital that we as a population reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to protect the future existence of all species living on this precious planet earth. An increased median global temperature of just one or two degrees will cause huge disruption to our agriculture industry and many insect, plant and animal species will face extinction.”

At Jasmine Greens, we work to reduce our impact on the environment every day in every way we can and this solar system is another investment in our commitment to environmental sustainability.

“We use a lot of electricity in our business, with fridges, ovens and coffee machines guzzling power,” she said. The solar system is set to reduce the cafe’s electricity bills by about one third.  

While the system won’t totally cover all power consumed by the business, it’s still a big step in reducing Jasmine Greens’ carbon footprint.

Our next green project is to establish a community garden behind the cafe. Watch this space for news on upcoming community garden working bees.